Fire the Inventor runs practical automata or mechanical toy workshops for schools, colleges, science centres, museums and special events. The workshops combine art, science and technology. Participants learn about the science of basic mechanisms and linkages while letting their creative imaginations run free.

In the language of educators, Fire the Inventor is about adding the crucial ‘A’ to STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, ART and Mathematics – STEAM).

There are a range of workshops suitable for schools and adults, and from formal learning to social and making-as-entertaining events.  A range of exhibits and demonstration models accompany the workshops, and there’s a crib sheet if you need to quickly get up to speed with the basics of how cams and cogs work.

Fire the Inventor is also about encouraging a hands-on making, crafting, inventing, tinkering and  repairing culture. And giving ourselves the time and opportunity to play around with a bunch of materials, and to (re)discover our creativity and hand-making skills.







Tim Hunkin
Engineer, cartoonist, broadcaster, artist. and creator of Channel Four’s “The Secret Life of Machines”. Wikipedia Biography of Tim Hunkin


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