Join our workshops in April (great for the Easter school hols) and May at the House of Fairytales in Canning Town London, together with an exhibition of Cabaret Mechanical Theatre’s collection. See What’s Coming Up for more details.

Fire the Inventor runs practical automata workshops for schools, colleges, science centres, museums and special events. Automata workshops combine art, science and technology. Participants learn about basic mechanisms and linkages while letting their creative imaginations run riot. More details in Events.

For more information contact stephen@firetheinventor.co.uk

Fire the Inventor also seeks to:

  • Encourage the hands-on practice of making, crafting, inventing, tinkering and  repairing;
  • Provide informal learning opportunities for people to learn new craft, technical and engineering skills;
  • Help people to (re)discover their creativity and potential through making, hacking and fixing things.


Tim Hunkin
Engineer, cartoonist, broadcaster, artist. and creator of Channel Four’s “The Secret Life of Machines”. Wikipedia Biography of Tim Hunkin

The aims and objectives of Fire the Inventor are supported by: