We’ve moved to the Docks

From May to the end of August 2017 we’re being hosted by Bow Arts at their sumptuous new RAW Lab arts hub on the dockside at Gallions Reach, east London. RAW stands for Royal Albert Wharf, one of London’s old docks and the world’s largest area of impounded water. The views are stunning.

Stephen is Artist in Residence and there is an exhibition of automata from Cabaret Mechanical Theatre’s famous collection.

The venue will be open to the public at weekends and August Bank Holiday Monday, but do email us for a visit outside these times. More details here.

Fire the Inventor runs practical automata or mechanical toy workshops for schools, colleges, science centres, museums and special events.

  • The workshops combine art, science and technology
  • Workshop are accompanied with a collection of moving toys and automata for inspiration, context and study
  • Participants learn about the science of basic mechanisms and linkages while letting their artistic imaginations run free
  • A crib sheet is available for those needing  to quickly get up to speed with the basics of cogs, cams and linkages.

Fire the Inventor designs mechanical interactives for exhibitions and learning, is an exhibition consultant and supplies educational kits.

In the language of educators, Fire the Inventor is about adding the missing ‘A’ to STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, ART and Mathematics – STEAM).

Fire the Inventor encourages a hands-on making, crafting, inventing, tinkering and repairing culture, and giving ourselves the time and opportunity to play around with a bunch of materials and (re)discover our creativity.







Tim Hunkin
Engineer, cartoonist, broadcaster, artist. and creator of Channel Four’s “The Secret Life of Machines”. Wikipedia Biography of Tim Hunkin


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