Mechanical Workshops

The workshops are available for schools, maker, art and social events, and science festivals. We like travelling, so are happy to go anywhere. The workshops can be flexible in format and time as required by the school or venue. They can be timed sessions or drop-ins, can be themed around wider projects, such as Inventors or Robots, and orientated towards different age and ability groups.

Demonstration Machines
To complement the workshops, we bring along a small collection of curious machines to play with and learn from, and to give a creative context to the workshop. These colourful exhibits offer an entertaining way to see how cams, linkages and crankshafts work.

How much do the workshops cost?
Well, they vary according to the workshop type and circumstances, but broadly the range is anything from £200 – £400. This is broken down into a facilitating and preparation fee, and materials costs ranging from £1.50 – £5 per person. As a guide, a day workshop in a school is generally in the region of £300.

Can I just the buy kits?
Probably yes. This is still in the planning stage, but do ask and we’ll most likely be able to supply you.

Any questions please ask using the Contact Form