The co-founders of Fire the Inventor:

Stephen Guy

Stephen is both a practical hands-on maker and a desk-bound pen-pushing organizer. He regrets the apparent demise of people’s ability to use tools, to repair, hack and maintain the physical things on which they depend. He wants to help revitalise a practical and inventive making culture, and raise the status of skilled craft and technical work.

He devises and produces automata-based practical workshops for colleges, museums, exhibitions and festivals. He is also interested in machines as theatrical performers. He worked on an experimental production of The London Jungle Book which performed at the National Theatre Studio and 2012 South Bank Alchemy festival, and was  visiting professional at Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance.  For many years he has been involved with Cabaret Mechanical Theatre.

Sarah Alexander

Sarah Alexander is the managing director of Cabaret Mechanical Theatre (CMT), which pioneered exhibitions of contemporary hand-crafted automata (mechanical cartoons or sculptures or mechanical toys) in science and exhibition centres, together with workshops and learning packages that incorporate science, technology and engineering skills with creativity.

Sarah also works as a freelance curator and arts business consultant. She is currently enjoying creating a new exhibition on the Art and Science of Rolling Ball Sculptures for Phaeno science museum in Wolfsburg, Germany. Sarah is also a Fellow of the RSA.