What’s Coming Up

In the diary:
Brighton Science Festival, 9.9.17
Norwich PhysicsFest, 22.10.17
Ipswich PhysicsFest, 3.12.17


Dockside Automata at Gallions Reach until August 2017

We are thrilled to take over Bow Arts’ glorious new arts hub, RAW Lab, for three months and injecting it with the flavour of engineered art and performing assemblages. It will be officially open to the public at weekends and by arrangement at other times (just fire off an email to me if you’d like to visit outside of the weekend). There will be an automata exhibition thanks to Cabaret Mechanical Theatre, and Fire the Inventor’s working studio all presided over by Artist in Residence, Stephen. Click here for more details.



Off to the National Science Museum, Daejeon, South Korea, from July – October 2017, as the educational workshop arm of the impressive Cabaret Mechanical Theatre-Sharmanka travelling exhibition.







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